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Acupuncture Today
News and information about acupuncture and Eastern medicine.

Chinese Herbs
Evergreen Herbs
My main Chinese Herb source. Their herbs are high quality, clean, safe and potent. They test their herbs in order to avoid the problem of herbal substitutions, heavy metals and adulteration.
KW Botanicals, Inc.
Spring Wind

Microcurrent Therapy
East-West Seminars
Information on Microcurrent technology for pain and Facial Rejuvenation

Dietary Counseling
Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts
A fantastic Educational Institute for nutrition and whole foods cooking.

Hepatitis C Caring Ambassadors Program
Dedicated to helping people with hepatitis C equip themselves with all the facts and information about the illness and the various treatment options available.

NADA, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
This non-profit association conducts education and training related to the use of the specific auricular (ear) acupuncture NADA protocol within comprehensive addiction treatment programs to relieve suffering during detoxification, prevent relapse and support recovery.

Pete Walker, M.A., MFT,
A licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist with degrees in Social Work and Counseling Psychology. He has been working as a counselor, lecturer, writer and group leader for thirty years, and as a trainer, supervisor and consultant of other therapists for 15 years. He holds certificates in supervision from The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) and from The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley.
Somatic Experiencing International
Somatic Experiencing International is the leading authority on the SE method, a body oriented therapeutic model that helps heal trauma.

Blood Testing
Direct Laboratory Services
Blood tests anyone can order

International Center for Reiki Training
Informational website on Reiki.

Parting Clouds Daoist Education
Parting Clouds is formally recognized as a temple organization by Zhang Mingxin the Abess at the Jian Fu Gong on Qing Cheng Mountain

Sara Weinberg, M.S., L.Ac., NCCAOM Diplomate Chinese Medicine, Dietary Counselor, SEP

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